The art of « pastillage » painting Return

Unique course: the art of painting on pastillage


6-day course (48 hours of training)


Creation of paintings on different themes to be harmonized with sugar pieces.

- Working the raw material (pastillage).
- Choice of colours and work material.
- Introduction to various techniques for painting on sugar to achieve works of art worthy of professional painters.

Participants will receive a course binder with recipes and techniques.



Course description:


48 hours of training over 6 days. 4 or 5 airbrushed pastillage paintings.

- Foundation work: discussion of basic techniques and achieving an ideal basic pastillage material as a medium
- Creation of a simple painting based on the Walt Disney character Flounder
- Mixing of materials and creation of layered paintings
- Creation of an animal painting with a brush-drawn background (technique for drawing fur, etc.)
- Creation of a highly realistic painting of fruit
- Study of various masking and freehand techniques
- Creation of a painting of a pin-up model, including detailed brushwork and a comprehensive introduction to shading techniques.




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