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Ikebana pulled sugar course

6-day course (48 hours of training).


Course description:


In the Stéphane Klein Ikebana pulled sugar course, we will work on 4 mini works of art on a theme of my choice.

Working with pulled sugar is a must for all pastry chefs. I recommend that this be your first Atelier du Sucre course.
In this course, we will create:
- pulled sugar flowers
- different structures every day
- sugar components to embellish the various bouquet assemblies (made of cast and blown sugar, pastillage and painted pastillage).
Each student will reproduce the subjects along with me.
Over these 6 days we will learn various techniques:

We will create 4 different pieces from sugar: for each one we will make unique blown structures, flowers and subjects.
- Cooking and satinizing sugar
- We will make various pastillage structures and learn how to paint them.
- All techniques for making flowers will be presented from how to make a rose to how to pull a flower using a baguette.
- Small objects in blown sugar (eyes/shining and smoothing); faces, animals, etc.
- Bergamot sugar.
- We will use various techniques to make ribbons (jazz, rock ’n’ roll, etc..)  which I perfected myself.
- Cast sugar: PVC, silicone, smooth or patterned.
- Joining and assembling techniques.
- How to combine elements with a work’s colour scheme.

Training objectives:

- Know how to work and cook sugar correctly.
- Know how to recognize when sugar has recrystallized and can no longer be used.
- Know how to work with pulled, blown and cast sugar.
- Know how to create a sugar structure.
- Know how to create a sugar flower.
- Know how to preserve your pieces.


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