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Blown/pulled sugar course

6-day course (48 hours of training).

Course description:

Blown sugar modernized by Stéphane Klein.

I have been making technical advances in blown sugar for 20 years by constantly improving many techniques for the blowing, sculpting, shining and smoothing, scoring, etc. of sugar.
In this course we will create and stage a subject in blown sugar.
Since each course is unique, we will focus on different animals or characters.
Each student will reproduce the subjects along with me.
I will teach you my techniques, tips and know-how.
We will create works of art exclusively from blown sugar. The media will vary according to the subject chosen.
Participants will receive a course binder with recipes and techniques.

- First, we will look at how to cook the blown sugar.
- We will prepare a pastillage and cast sugar medium for an original and fun presentation of the blown sugar subject.
- We will create a character or a noble beast.
- We will create a bouquet with a ribbon to embellish the blown sugar subject.

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