Artistic piece training course Return

The art of making a unique artistic piece : a mixture of all the techniques.


Description of the training course :


High level training course allowing you to discover all the techniques and the tricks concerning the art of sugar. In this way all the different elements of your piece will be in perfect harmony with the chosen theme.

  • making an airbrush painting

  • assembly of a pulled « ikebana » bouquet

  • creation of a blown sugar piece

  • learning how to preserve an artistic piece.


Then, you will become a true sugar art director ! This evolution in an imaginary world will allow you to combine proportion with harmony.


This training course lasts 6 days from 8am to 7pm and is completed by a methodological file.


Programme :


A 48 hours training course spread over 6 days :


  • raw material work

  • making of a « pastillage » base

  • introduction to the airbrush technique and making of an airbrush painting

  • cooking of sugars

  • making of blown sugar (a figure or an animal)

  • creation and completion of both the painting and the blown sugar figure

  • making and creation of additional elements matching with the piece

  • approach to my latest techniques

  • pulled sugar work

  • creation of a bunch and new casting sugar elements : ribbons, etc...

  • making of a PVC casting sugar base

  • assembly of the piece using the « Ikebana » technique

  • harmony between the different elements following the « golden rule »

  • tricks and method of preservation.

A 4 day or 6 day-training course (32 or 48 training hours).

Training course description :

Pulled sugar updated by Stéphane Klein : from the classics to my latest creations.

The technique of pulled sugar is essential for all the confectionners, that is why I recommend this training course to the beginners.

During this training course, we will make :

- Pulled sugar flowers.

  • Different technique every day;

  • Sugar elements to embellish the various settings with bunches (casting sugar, pastillages, blown sugar and painted pastillage).

Every trainee will make his own piece at the same time as me.

New : we will make an « inverted » piece = « the suspended piece ».

I will teach you my techniques, my tricks and my technical expertise.

This training course is completed by a progression file containing recipes and methodology.

Day 1 Tuesday :

  • We will start with sugar cooking and how to put a satin finish on sugar.

  • Making of a pulled sugar flower.

  • Making of a pasttillage structure used to set the piece.

Day 2 Wednesday :

  • New : making of an « inverted piece ».

  • Making of another pulled sugar flower.

  • Making of another PVC structure.

Day 3 Thursday :

  • Making of a third pulled sugar flower.

  • Making of a new structure to set this flower.

Day 4 Friday :

  • Making of a new rose version.

  • Setting of the piece on a casting sugar structure.

What I recommend : follow this training course with the weekend option (6 days) in this way you will feel at ease and at the most of your ability.

Saturday- sunday :

- Making of a piece with a blown sugar figurine based on a casting sugar structure : « the prestige piece ».

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